Wellbia.com Co.,Ltd is a specialized information protection company that has sets a keystone in creating a green computer environment for the 21st century through rich experience and techniques from several years of employment in the information protection industry, ensuring to provide the utmost product needed and wanted to all customers.
As a reward for our endeavor, we have completed the development of XIGNCODE solution and currently in service, designed to create a clean online gaming environment. It has been published and patented under the title "one-time executable code structure", using differentiated technology and management. Mainly choosing management of online gaming service companies, we can integrate various levels of security measures according to online game service policies.
Wellbia.com Co., Ltd solemnly promises to strive in providing safe information for serviced customers with an addition to convenience and confidence.
Moreover, Wellbia.com Co., Ltd will always perform our best to ensure a safe and convenient information service integrated to provide solutions to the world.
Thank you.


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