XIGNCODE3 for Android

XIGNCODE3 for Android is a middle ware product solution used for game web anti-hacking. It is easy to integrate in various development environments, such as the Java project, Unity project, native project using NDK and so on. Operation requires a minimum of the Android 1.5 (Cupcake) ver. operating system, providing CPU leakage prevention and optimized heat of battery. In addition, all functions provided by XIGNCODE3 for Android has been composed into options for developers and system administrators that can be chosen, allowing the freedom of input to individual applications.

XIGNCODE for Android


Accurate Operating System

  • Approved by the best mobile games.
  • Detection of custom Rom
  • Reject malware device
  • Detect routing as real-time
  • Detect static routing
  • Detect USB debugging
  • Detect game hacking process
  • Detect game hacking package
  • Real-time updates
  • Provide game environment information via website that calls WCS (Wellbia Customer support)
  • Detect repackaging

Provide clear information

  • Provide real-time detection statistic
  • Provide Daily/Weekly/Monthly/quarterly/yearly game statistic data
    • Accessed counts
    • Occurred counts
    • Multi-client counts
    • Hacking tool detection counts
    • Frequency of game play time
    • Frequency of using operations
  • Provide user statistic data as Daily/Weekly/Monthly
    • Ranking of IP that used hacking tools detection
    • Ranking of system that used hacking tools detection

Swift customer support

  • Respond in 24 hours after received hacking tool reported
  • Always contactable via email or messenger
  • Provide messenger via developer